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About Amanda Tacie

I have always had a love for photographs (and old video) and some of my favorite images are my grandparents' weddings. (see left)

I believe my job is to be there to capture your memories for your family. I want to create keepsakes that will last forever.

I was born a Nikon Girl! My mom bought her first Nikon film camera before my older brother was born and I quickly stole it as soon as I could get away with it! I love my Nikon F4 and now one of my favorite places is the darkroom... I find it peaceful!

I dream of shooting film again but for now I am all digital!

First my name really is Amanda and Tacie is my middle name and you can feel free to call me either or both.

I LOVE (almost) anything Carbonated!

I'm obsessed with paper & pens
(I know... NERD) & the best kind of chocolate is DOVE, not just for the taste but I love unwrapping a little inspiration on the inside.

Contact Amanda Tacie

I have a weird
obsession with my accessories (hats,
glasses, bows,
& headbands)

Love my nieces & nephews
with my whole heart!
They say I'm
the best auntie ever
(I may bribe them at times)

friends &
love brides
that become
my friends!